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Testing COVID-19 in MA

Massachusetts COVID-19 Testing Sites

Massachusetts physicians previously had difficulty contacting COVID-19 test sites that were listed by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH). These physicians requested a map of the COVID-19 testing sites so that they could assist patients in finding convenient locations to seek testing. Our team contacted all sites directly to obtain information regarding insurance accepted and need for physician referral. We then shared this information with the DPH, which edited its list.

The updated Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency map of COVID-19 test sites can be found here. Our research and map of the locations can be found here.

Huge thanks to: Harvard medical student, Sanjana Srinivasan; Harvard dental students, Alex Cruz and Alisha Desai, for their work pulling together this data; and to UC-Berkeley student, Astri Horsburgh, for creating the map of testing sites.

Why You Should Get Tested for COVID-19

You should get tested for COVID-19 because it’s an important way to protect your family, friends, and community. It will save lives and help keep MA headed in the right direction.



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Live Map: click here

This map provides an easy way to locate a COVID-19 test site near you. All of those experiencing symptoms or those who have been in close contact recently with a COVID positive individual should seek testing.

Click/tap on a test site within the map for more details including contact information, address, hours of operation, website, type of site, insurance coverage, and other important information.

Ways to search:
– Click/tap the search box in the Test Site Locator tool and type in an address
– Use current location to search near your phone/device location (enable location services)
– Move the slider to change your search distance (in miles)

All information is sourced from site operators and healthcare providers. Information continues to evolve quickly, so we encourage all those looking to be tested to contact the site prior to arrival. Many sites may also require pre-screening, a referral and/or an appointment.

(This page is managed by the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency in coordination with the Commonwealth’s COVID-19 Command Center).

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